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Reward your taste buds with something special

We are proud to introduce you the highest awarded Czech bean to bar chocolate in World International Chocolate Awards.

Bean to Bar Aluna chocolates belong to those products among our chocolate bars that we are most proud of. They are made from carefully selected top quality cocoa beans that we export directly from Colombia.

To fine tune the unique, captivating taste ouf our Aluna chocolates, we use coconut sugar and our own original Czech recipe.

Browse through our offer and find the best bean to bar chocolate option for yourself. We are ready to please every chocolate lover or even true gurmets.
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Let just one piece of authentic bean to bar chocolate melt on your tongue...

...and fall in love with this true delight for ever! We know what we are talking about. Bean to Bar chocolate is our dream come true. Our dream about making 100% original chocolate in line with to our vision.

We had travelled through a number of countries in South and Central America searching for the right, top quality cocoa beans that our customers deserve. Cocoa beans we and our customers from all over the world could fall in love with.

In the end of our journey, we found them in Colombia.

Warm regards from Colombia

The beans we found in Colombia and chose for our Bean to Bar production are the first-class cocoa beans from an eco family farm owned by Mr. Juan Gonzáles.

Each family member is proud of the way they grow their cocoa beans – ecologically, with love and with no chemistry involved. There was no surprise that the high quality of their beans and the values of the family farm made a perfect fit to what we were looking for.

Discover chocolate taste as unique as the hummingbird.jpg

Discover chocolate taste as unique as the hummingbird

Our Aluna chocolate bars are made from 88%, 77% and 66% dark chocolate or 55% and 44% milk chocolate. This leaves the product line open to both groups of chocolate lovers and gourmets.
Beside that we have invented milk chocolate for vegans with coconut milk instead of the classic one.

What makes the products even more special and heathier is the fact they are manufactured with coconut sugar so that you could enjoy a kind of chocolate with a really novel taste without remorse, because the cocoa is superfood and we found how to keep it that way.
To accentuate the originality and uniqueness of these Bean to Bar products and to show the beauty of the story, the packagings of Aluna chocolate bars feature a truly stylish decoration – a motive of a unique species, the hummingbird.

The name itself – Aluna, means in Kogi language „Spiritual strength“.