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Enjoy chocolate linked with pure art

Steiner & Kovarik is a brand of new opportunities and challenges. We value freedom and creativity as well as openness to outer world.

With the progressive, experimental product line of FREE ART DESIGNS, we invite artists to present their beautiful artwork on our packaging, giving them space to share their designs with us and our customers through our products.


Chocolate from the land of fantasy

FREE ART DESIGNS is a unique product line of fine, delicate chocolate one can hardly find elsewhere.

Each product packaging here is a piece of art so it makes an ideal gift for anyone who is bored with monotonous, conventional mainstream designs and who seeks a new experience and nonconformity.

Ingredients and origin

Not only the virtuous design, but also ingredients used with the FREE ART DESIGNS collection were given a special attention and care.

We use only the highest quality ingredients. The bestsellers of this line, Roasted coffee beans, are chosen carefully and we give you a 100% guarantee that only the best pieces get coated in 53% dark or 32% milk chocolate and will reach your mouth to please you to full satisfaction. 


Boost your day with energy from these uplifting artistic sweets!

No matter which option you choose, these tiny but delicious sweets can easily invigorate you whenever you need and provide you with extra portion of energy on a hard day.

The combination of sweet milk chocolate and bitter coffee beans, or the pure bitter taste of coffee beans coated in dark chocolate will not only please your taste buds but also boost you up with a great amount of energy.

With this kind of energy and inspiration, you can handle just anything!