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Enjoy some of our chocolates made with love....or all of them. 

Famous Sights

Prague – also called “mother of cities”. Magnificent, magical and, above all, ours. We feel honoured to hide all the sweet surprises into boxes carrying such beautiful Prague motives on them.

  • Unmistakable wooden or tin boxes.
  • Breathtaking almonds in chocolate, Czech nougat, pralines.

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Let into your life everything you long for! Is it love, happiness, health, abundance or wisdom? We have incorporated all these motives into chocolate mandalas and it is completely up to you which energy you want to boost.

  • Handmade decorated chocolate bars in a paper box will win your heart and taste buds.
  • First-class white, milk or dark chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized or candied fruits or rose and nuts.

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Famous Figures

Czech land has always been small, however, full of great characters. Many Czech artists and rulers deserve to be glorified. We express our esteem by representing their portraits on our unique packaging full of sweet content.

Do you feel like tasting our Dvorak’s Almonds or Charles Pralines?

  • Almonds in chocolate and luxury pralines of unique taste.
  • Charles Pralines are wrapped into golden foil and put into a leather pouch with a portrait of this great ruler. Real royal delicacy!
  • Antonin Dvorak’s almonds in chocolate are put into special box decorated with a portrait of this great composer.

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Sacred geometry

Sacred geometry is everywhere around and also inside us. It has no beginning, it has no end. If you take a moment to stop and realize the power of designs of this collection, the experience of enjoying this chocolate will be exceptionally powerful.

  • Enjoy a bar of milk, dark or white chocolate...or all of them!
  • Get carried away with the pure geometric and deep motives.

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Free Art Designs

Original pieces of design go hand in hand with unique taste. Artists were given absolute freedom while creating new motives, and therefore you can enjoy extraordinary sweets.

  • Coffee beans in milk chocolate.
  • Coffee beans in dark chocolate.
  • Packaging with motives you can find nowhere else (perfect gift for those who love originality).

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Bean to bar

Bean to Bar is our dream come true! This chocolate bar is made from cocoa beans grown in a family farm run by Mr. Juan Gonzáles in Colombia and we use coconut sugar which is rich in minerals and other wholesome ingredients. We are happy to introduce you an original chocolate of a unique taste.

  • Enjoy 80% dark or 60% milk chocolate and amazing hummingbird motive on its packaging.

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