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With no exaggeration, chocolate is our life and mission. It is our daily work as well as our hobby.

We love chocolate and the business around more and more. We love experimenting with tastes and flavours as well as preparing the products from the highest quality ingredients.

We love caring for our customers every day and we wish to bring them pleasure and joy with our delicate chocolate.

Chocolate is much more for us than just eating sweets. We believe that quality chocolate can boost you with positive energy and harmony – and cheer you up.

That is why we make every single piece of our chocolate by hand, with honest care and smile – and mainly from local Czech ingredients.


Steiner & Kovarik brand was created to represent the vital symbiosis of two people who stand behind this unique chocolate production. And who complement each other exquisitely.

Silvie Steinerová, the founder of the Prague Chocolate company, loves all the creative work linked with chocolate and chocolate business. No matter what challenges and obstacles arrive, she keeps motivating others with enthusiasm for her vision and company values.

Petr Kovařík, her partner and "the engine of the company", complements her with his business talent, language skills and the same strong passion for everything around chocolate.

Our motto: “We love what we do. And, we do what we love.“


TIP from our regular customers: Try roasted almonds in chocolate that belong among the most popular Steiner & Kovarik chocolate products. You can have them with various flavours (explore the exotic chilli and salt or the super healthy moringa).

Other popular and delicious products are chocolate bars, pralines and Czech Nougat. Czech Nougat was awarded with the prestigious Great Taste award for last three years in a row (2015, 2016, 2017).



Silvie Steinerova follows her dream and – with love and passion – starts to build her own chocolate company. She resurrects the legendary chocolate production brand of Nachfolger (originally founded in 1888) and begins to supply duty free shops at the Prague airport with unique chocolate products. These products, with design featuring motives of Prague, become popular among tourists as authentic souvenirs and nice gifts. 



Six years later, Prague saw a fated encounter as Silvie Steinerova met Petr Kovarik. It was a proverbial love at first sight. Not only between them but also between Petr and chocolate.

New premium brand called Steiner & Kovarik was founded, with focus on reselling dragées and chocolate bars. Petr Kovarik steps deeper in the business and successfully supplies chocolate products to luxury hotels and other exclusive selling points.


Silvie’s brother-in-law joins the company. He has a clear vision: the company should have their own production line. All three key representatives agree that only their own production can help them deliver top quality products and unique customer experience.

A demanding period comes, with endless working hours, numerous business trips abroad and nights spent over recipes and technology details. A period of their constant belief they can succeed and their chocolate will bring happiness and pleasure to many people.

As a result, production of dragées and nougat sweets is started in Statinky in Moravia.



Another dream comes true! The first Prague Chocolate store is opened, located in Thunovska street, with Prague Castle just a stone's throw away.


Our success story does not end with just one shop, though. Silvie, Petr and Jiri open a number of other stores in only one year – in Nerudova and Zelezna street in Prague city centre, at the Prague airport and in Karlovy Vary. Besides, the company's first Prague Chocolate Café & Bistro is opened.

The year full of successes continues with starting up chocolate distribution to Slovakia. On top of everything, Steiner & Kovarik's Czech Nougat is bestowed with a prestigious GREAT TASTE award.



Our vision of sharing our values and products with the whole world becomes true in 2016 as we find new partners abroad. We become distributors for partners in Germany and United Arab Emirates. 

We celebrate another success – our Almonds with cinnamon and Czech Nougat gain one star at the prestigious Great Taste Awards.

Another brand new product – our luxurious Globuli Carolini pralines – is launched. It benefits from a special technology of “prunes in rum“ maceration, developed in cooperation with University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. This specialty is prepared with a unique recipe using mostly local Czech ingredients.

Also in 2016, we started manufacture of chocolate mandalas enforcing feelings of happiness, love, abundance and health.


Our chocolate travels even further to the world. We open our store in Oman (Muscat) as well as a new distribution channel in Japan.

Our Czech Nougat gains two stars at The Great Taste Awards contest and our Almonds with chilli and salt get one star.

This continuous success and international appreciation of our products helps us to become the Great Taste Producer – a unique status reserved only for those producers who receive Great Taste award in three consecutive years.

 bean to bar-min.png


We have made it! We start our own bean to bar chocolate production with premium cocoa beans imported directly from Colombia.

Aluna product line is launched as the line reserved solely for authentic bean to bar chocolate products.

Our new factory store is opened in Prague city centre in Karlova street.

We open a distribution channel in Spain and continue our business activities with partners in Oman with a goal to present our award-winning products to even more customers.