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Since 1888

The company Nachfolger is one of the oldest confectionery companies in the Czech Republic. It was founded in Teplice by Jan Schmidt and it had been nearly 3 years before the famous chocolate factory ORION was opened.

The main area of Nachfolger has always been production of luxury confectionery. It became renowned with its fruit sweets called “rock drops“ which look like little stones.

The company had been progressively evolving till the German occupation of Czechoslovakia when it was closed down in 1938.

The brand Nachfolger (the Successor) was brought back to life by Silvie Steinerová. She has brushed up on the already forgotten brand and used it for her chocolate products decorated with historical pictures of Prague.

Nowadays, you can enjoy various kinds of chocolate miniatures in various gift packagings. The brand offers also chocolate bars with paintings of Prague or bars decorated with photos of Prague sights.