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Tribute to the Greats of the past

Your visit to the beautiful country of Czech Republic as well as your tour around our chocolate products portfolio could easily become a great and rewarding adventure.

The adventure of discovering famous monarchs, artists or scientists who were born in this beautiful country or spent their lives here. Names like Antonin Dvorak, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, Franz Kafka or King Charles IV.

While the others pay tribute to these great figures with paintings, statues or monuments spread around Prague (and the whole country), we decided to commemorate them and promote them to tourists in our own way: with an exquisite series of chocolate specialties.

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Famous Figures product line: The story of adoration

The product line of Famous figures is our personal tribute to Czech cultural heritage.

To express our respect to the Greats of our country, we launched Famous figures line. This product line offers original chocolate products made of authentic regional ingredients such as poppy seeds and plums and boasting with unique, rich taste any chocolate lover will enjoy.

Our bold intention is as well reflected in the stylish packaging. As the flagship product of the line, Globuli Carolini (also known as Charles Pralines or Balls of King Charles) are wrapped in golden foil and inserted into a leather pouch with a portrait of the world-renowned ruler of the 14th century, King Charles IV.

Intriguing taste of local ingredients

Globuli Carolini (Charles Pralines) are genuine Czech pralines. Their tasteful filling made of ground poppy seeds, plums and Czech domestic rum (tuzemak) covered with a layer of fine dark chocolate gained Great Taste Award 2020.

This rich taste body is perfected with white chocolate coating of compelling taste. Such a captivating combination of flavours is really impossible to resist.

Our series of products featuring almonds in high quality milk chocolate covered in ginger powder represent our tribute to another great name of our history, the world famous Czech composer Antonin Dvorak and his work.

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Chocolate product of delicate_CZ_Čokolády s odkazem pro další generace.jpg

Chocolate products of delicate taste – with legacy for the next generations

We believe that great names and great works shall not be forgotten. We also believe that values like honesty, love for what you do, responsibility and care can help create things that last and get adored. Things as good as our chocolate.

Therefore, we linked these beliefs and products we create with these great names of the past and their love for the craft and perfection.

With hope they would fall in love with what we do. 

It is our mission to keep promoting these values with help of top quality chocolate products by Steiner & Kovarik brand.