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Enjoy spiritual experience with our Sacred geometry chocolate

Discover the perfection behind everything

Sit back. Take a deep breath... and enjoy a moment of relaxation. Delicate chocolate bars from Sacred Geometry product line will be your ideal companion

We prepare Sacred Geometry chocolates with utmost care, inspired by ancient belief that says the universe, from atoms to the whole, is created according to a geometric plan that can be observed in nature and replicable in what we do.

In art, in architecture or – last but not least – in honest, experience-oriented chocolate manufacturing.

Get inspired with taste of our Sacred Geometry chocolate to open your mind and feel the power and beauty of the universe!


Discover the perfection behind everything
Awake your consciousness

Awake your consciousness

We use motives of sacred geometry on packagings of this product line because we believe their power is able to set positive vibes in your body while you are enjoying our chocolate.

Let all the shapes and curves of the drawings affect you and open you the way to meditation while your palatum and taste buds get amazed with rich taste of our chocolate.

Awake and expand your consciousness and enjoy your bar of chocolate even more.

It will taste almost heavenly!

Just take a bite – and get carried away

The taste of Sacred Geometry chocolate bars is perfectly well-balanced so it addresses all chocolate lovers who admire the beauty of purity and simplicity.

With so much to offer, we simply could not resist to dose these chocolates and experience of perfection in big portions.

This is why every chocolate bar from Sacred geometry line weighs nearly 250 grams.

We make these bars from dark, milk or white chocolate. So, no matter which group of chocolate lovers you belong to, you can find your pick.

Treat yourself to a piece of uplifting chocolate!

Just take a bite – and get carried away
Fall in love with refreshing fruit in chocolate

Fall in love with refreshing fruit in chocolate

Sample our chocolate coated delicacies and give in to really delicious taste of candied orange, dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Sour cherries in dark chocolate or acai berry in dark chocolate and acai powder offer another exquisite taste. We like to combine various kinds of ingredients and to discover new luscious combinations of tastes. On top of that we prefer the use of wholesome ingredients.

We aim to use super foods as much as possible and therefore to offer you not only perfect taste to please your senses but as well large portion of health.