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Our chocolate

We are inviting you to choose from a wide range of our product lines and chocolate specialties.

Discover the authentic taste of our delicious chocolate bars, pralines and dragées today!

Famous Sights

See why our chocolate specialties in luxurious packagings with motives of Prague are so popular among tourists. They not only make great souvenirs for those who visit the magnificent city of Prague but are also used as authentic gifts for friends or business partners from abroad.

Unhide all the sweet surprises we insert for you into boxes carrying beautiful Prague motives on them and experience their great taste!

  • Choose from our original boxes made of wood or tin
  • Enjoy delicate Czech nougat, almonds in chocolate and pralines

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Famous Sights


Let everything you long for be always present in your life! No matter if it is love, happiness, health, abundance or wisdom. We have produced each of Mandala chocolate series with energy linked to these values and incorporated motives of them into the design of their packagings. Whichever energy you need to boost your day, feel free to choose from our rich selection!

  • Handmade decorated chocolate bars in a paper box will make your heart and taste buds pop up with joy.
  • Fall in love with our exclusive white, milk or dark chocolate sprinkled with lyophilized or candied fruits or rose and nuts.

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Famous Figures

Taste our unique chocolate products developed to pay tribute to the Greats of Czech past and prepared from finest chocolate and authentic local ingredients such as poppy seeds, plums or Czech rum.

Do you feel like tasting exclusive Dvorak’s Almonds or Globuli Carolini Pralines?

  • Globuli Carolini Pralines are ball-like pralines with dark chocolate inside and white chocolate as the coating. They get wrapped into golden foil and inserted into a leather pouch with a portrait of King Charles IV, the the most popular ruler in the history of our land.  It has gaind Great Taste Award 2020
  • Antonin Dvorak Almonds is an inspiring specialty combining premium almonds with rich taste of our delicate chocolate. We put them into special gift boxes decorated with a portrait of this great composer.

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Famous figures
Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry

Ready to try something new? No matter if you have ever heard of the geometric underpinnings of the cosmos, or not, our chocolate from the SACRED GEOMETRY product line will brighten up your face with a beatific smile and open all your senses through a pure chocolate delight.

  • Start with choosing from a variety of original packagings and get carried away with proportional, pure geometric motives presented on them.
  • Enjoy the well-balanced taste of any of these milk, dark or white chocolate bars... or fall in love with all of them!


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Free Art Designs

With the progressive, experimental product line of FREE ART DESIGNS, we invite artists to present their beautiful artwork on our packaging, giving them space to share their artistic designs with us and with our customers through our products.

Discover the added value of FREE ART DESIGNS products and enjoy the refreshing taste of the most popular ones:

  • Crunchy strawberries in white chocolate
  • Crunchy sour cherries in dark chocolate


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Free Art Designs
Aluna Bean To Bar Chocolate Awarded

Aluna – Bean To Bar Chocolate

Bean to bar chocolates offered in our Aluna series is our dream come true! They are made in the heart of Prague from premium Colombian cocoa beans grown at a family farm run by Juan Gonzáles.

Join the experts and admire the authentic taste of this chocolate that we fine tune with added coconut sugar which is rich in minerals and other ingredients. 

  • Please your senses with our awarded 66% dark, 44% milk or vegan milk bean to bar chocolate.
  • Have a taste and discover the difference between Aluna chocolates and boring mass-produced chocolates!

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