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Easter Products by Steiner et Kovarik

Due date: 23/03/17 - 23/04/17


On the occasion of the forthcoming Easter we have prepared a whole range of new delicious chocolate products. Coloured Easter eggs – golden and coloured almonds in plastic cases or a jumbo-size chocolate with Easter bunny and „Happy Easter“ sign are just some delicacies from the Easter offer that you can find in our shops as well as in our

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 23. 3. 2017 8:34

Globuli Carolini in a new elegant paper box

Due date: 22/02/17 - 22/04/17


Luxury pralines made according to a secret original recipe, Globuli Carolini, aka Charles balls, are now also available in a paper box containing seven pieces of this delicacy. Last year, at the occasion of Charles IV’s 700th birthday, Prague Chocolate, a renowned Czech chocolate manufacturer, introduced a new maxi praline Globuli Carolini.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 22. 2. 2017 11:02

Prague Chocolate and Ballerina movie

Due date: 20/02/17 - 20/03/17


After the successful release of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, Prague Chocolate has become a partner of the Czech premiere of the movie Ballerina. The story of this animated film is set in the romantic Paris where the heroine, an orphan Félicia, is going to make her dream to become a ballet dancer come true.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 20. 2. 2017 13:40

Mandala of Wisdom with Silver Flakes

Due date: 18/12/16 - 18/02/17

Mandala of wisdom

Prague Chocolate introduces a new member of family of mandalas – Mandala of Wisdom. Mandala of Wisdom – a symbol of life experience, knowledge, forethought and prudence has joined the already existing Mandalas of Love, Happiness, Health and Abundance. The core of Mandala of Wisdom is dark 53% sugar-free chocolate where you hardly recognize the absence of sucrose.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 18. 12. 2016 14:05

Beauty and Golf Tour in Dubai

Due date: 7/12/16

Beauty and Golf Tour in Dubai

On November 4th 2016 we had the opportunity as a partner to take a part in the Beauty and Golf Tour 2016 in Dubai. During this prestigious event, which connects the worlds of beauty with the world of the popular gentlemen´s sport, the participants could taste our high quality hot chocolate as well as number of our chocolate delicacies. The event was a part of promotion of our new kiosk in the Dubai IBn Battuta Shopping Mall.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 7. 12. 2016 6:53

Prague Chocolate goes to Dubai

Due date: 19/09/16 - 19/01/17

Our company Prague Chocolate, a genuinely Czech family company which is celebrating its 11th anniversary, has just opened its first foreign branch in Dubai. It is situated in prestigious Egyptian part of the well-known shopping centre IBN Battuta named after a famous traveller.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 19. 9. 2016 10:23

Tasting in the legendary toy shop Hamleys!

Due date: 21/08/16

Pražská čokoláda v Hamleys

Newly, every Saturday 12 – 6 pm don’t miss the opportunity to taste our products in the charming interior of the legendary British toy shop Hamleys Prague, Na Příkopě 14. The tasting wouldn’t be possible without our bestseller – almonds in milk chocolate with cinnamon which has just been awarded a gold star in the most prestigious contest of worldwide gastronomy specialities GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016 and you can find it in several kinds of packaging.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 22. 8. 2016 10:28

Great Taste Awards 2016

Due date: 4/08/16 - 29/11/16

Also this year we have dispatched our chocolate delicacies to the biggest and most prestigious gastronomy contest GREAT TASTE AWARDS 2016. We have the pleasure to announce you that our famous almonds in milk chocolate with cinnamon have received one gold star and also our Czech Nougat successfully defended its last year’s gold star.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 4. 8. 2016 10:39

New product Chocolate Mandalas

Due date: 20/07/16

Put yourself in the mood for happiness, love, abundance and health. Newly, you can find chocolate mandalas in the Prague Chocolate product portfolio: Mandala of Happiness, Mandala of Abundance, Mandala of Health, and Mandala of Love. The owner and designer of Prague Chocolate, Silvie Steinerová, believes in possibility to put the energy you are just in need of into a magic circle of mandala. That is why she has created a set of four decorated chocolate bars with this spiritual motive.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 5. 5. 2016 16:35

Globuli Carolini - King Charles´s Balls

Due date: 14/07/16 - 30/08/16

The Prague Chocolate Company has decided to join the celebration of the 700th anniversary of King Charles IV's birth this year and created a brand new chocolate product in his honour. Charles IV is remembered as the most beloved Czech king and the "Father of the Czech nation". He founded Charles University, the first university in Central Europe, laid the foundation stone of the famous Charles Bridge and built the beautiful Karlštejn Castle among others.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 6. 5. 2016 14:15

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