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Bean to bar chocolate production

We´ve been producing bean to bar chocolate since 2015. For bean to bar production we use cocoa beans from Colombia which we import directly from organic farm of Juan Diego Suarez family. As we want to have the overall production of Aluna Steiner & Kovarik chocolate under our direct supervision, we even process the beans by ourselves. The final taste of our bean to bar chocolate we manage by controlling the conching, refining and tempering processes and by applying our internal recopies.

Meticulous ingredients selection and personal approach

We´ve paid extreme attention to cocoa beans plant selection. During our journey to South America we visited several different farms and therefore we had the opportunity to personally assess the quality of huge variety of cocoa beans. We´ve evaluated their quality, way of growing and farmers approach to the environment.

The same meticulous approach we apply on our chocolate production. Most importantly it´s our handmade production of chocolate products including decorated chocolate bars and pralines. Bean to bar method allows us to sweeten our chocolate using healthier coconut sugar with lower glycemic index than white sugar. On top of bean to bar we offer chocolate products with moringa, matcha, cinnamon and freeze dried fruits.


Excellent quality international awards of our chocolate

We are very pleased that our healthy chocolate products score highly in international gourmet competitions. We´ve received several significant awards including Great Taste Awards and two awards in competition International Chocolate Awards, where our Aluna 44% milk chocolate was awarded gold medal for use of coconut sugar, silver medal for taste in European bean-to bar category and silver medal in World bean-to-bar category. It was for the very first time that Czech chocolate received world level award in this category.

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Customized chocolate and packaging production

Besides our brand production which we sell in our stores and e-shop, we manufacture customized chocolate and confection products and luxurious chocolates with personalized packaging for companies. We offer large variety of different types of packaging which we gladly produce using your company colours or logo: paper boxes, tin boxes, different kinds of wooden boxes and cases, stylish cones etc. You can find the complete line of our customize chocolate production.