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Partners in business and life

Partners in business and life

This brand name is a result of connection of two names. Names of two people who complement each other. These people are Silvie Steinerová, founder of the company and a creative woman never afraid of new challenges, and Petr Kovařík, who contributes with his business talent, open-mindedness and language skills to this union.

And so it came naturally to everyone that in 2011 their company STEINER & KOVARIK was born. Modern design compared to the traditional Nachfolger is characteristic of the assortment of their goods. When you see the S&K products, you can see the desire to experiment.

Among the most popular products belong roasted almonds in chocolate with cinnamon, ginger, chilli and salt, or wholesome moringa. The Czech Nougat is a S&K speciality –  a fine delicacy made from Czech honey and almonds. This product has won several international Great Taste Awards.