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Discover intriguing taste of almonds in chocolate

Almonds coated with dark or milk chocolate belong to the most loved Steiner & Kovarik products and stand in the very heart of our Famous Sights collection.

You can enjoy them made with cinnamon, cocoa, chilli and salt – or super healthy moringa leaf powder. We offer them in wooden boxes, paper bags or tin cans among which the most popular ones are packagings with motives of Prague’s best known sights: Prague Castle and Charles Bridge.

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Famous Sights: Story and design

While this product line was started to please our numerous foreign customers and offer them a genuine Czech souvenir, the collection has also become popular among Czech customers.

We insert our almonds in chocolate to special gift boxes and paper bags decorated with motives of the most beautiful sights of Prague.

Origin and ingredients

We do our best to produce from top quality ingredients. For FAMOUS SIGHTS products, we pick premium almonds that are travelling to us from the sunny California, USA where the best almonds in the world are grown.

In Prague, we coat them with superb quality chocolate – 53% dark or 32% milk chocolate.

Once the coating is done, natural powders are added such as cinnamon, cocoa, ginger, moringa etc.

No matter if you are rather a conservative chocolate lover, or you like to experiment, Steiner & Kovarik almonds in chocolate will undoubtedly please your taste buds!

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Meet the winning star among premium almonds

In 2016 we saw our almonds in milk chocolate with cinnamon awarded with world-renowned Great Taste Award.

In 2017, the same award was bestowed to another of our specialties: to our almonds in dark chocolate with chilli and salt.

It is our great pleasure to see Steiner & Kovarik honest and authentic products appreciated by customers as well as by experts in Great Taste Award committees.