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Give a piece of love, happiness or health

Chocolate mandalas offer you much more than common mass-produced sweets of uniformed taste and omnipresent sugar. We decorate them with unique sprinkles and each MANDALA bar receives a touch of spiritual energy.

This manufacturing process is behind all five different kinds of mandala chocolates we have in our Steiner & Kovarik portfolio. These are:

  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Wisdom
  • Abundance
Give a piece of love, happiness or health
Decorated chocolate mandalas: The story

Decorated chocolate mandalas: The story

In 2006 Silvie Steinerova decided to create an absolutely unique chocolate that would reflect her passion for making sweets faithfully and pass on her positive thinking and joy of life. 

The impuls was so strong and urgent that it did not take much time and first Steiner & Kovarik Mandala chocolates hit the market, with the mandala chocolate called Love be the very first of them.

Mandala of Love quickly became popular among our customers. The enormous success of this beautifully decorated chocolate led us to add more Mandala chocolates very soon. 

Any of them tastes so great that taking a single bite will make your day.

Choose the right one

Mandala of Love is made of milk chocolate with real vanilla, raspberries, pistachios, candied rose and pieces of edible gold.

Mandala of Happiness is typical of first-class white chocolate sprinkled with lavender, cocoa beans, pistachios and strawberries.

Mandala of Health is a high percentage chocolate with sprinkle of nuts, goji berry and wholesome moringa leaves.

Mandala of Wisdom is our delegate of sugar free dark chocolate decorated with black currant, raspberries, melon cantaloupe, moringa leaves and edible silver.

Dark chocolate Mandala of Abundance is covered with pieces of edible gold, nuts, raspberries and cocoa beans.

Choose the right one
Mandalas as our bestseller

Mandalas as our bestseller

The beauty and unique taste of these decorated chocolate bars make them bestsellers among our products.

We are happy to know that we are – with our efforts to produce and enjoy healthy but still irresistibly delicious chocolates – on the same wavelength as our customers.