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Beauty & Golf Tour Partner

Due date: 19/04/16

Prague Chocolate became a partner of a prestigious golf tournament Beauty & Golf Tour. This event is a pleasant mixture of flawless greens, skillful golf players and women's beauty. This year the tournament will be held in the Czech Republic (Praha and Karlovy Vary) on 12th - 14th May. The final will take place in Dubai in November 2016.

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Published 14. 3. 2016 11:52

Head Chef Hervé Courtot´s Recipe

Due date: 18/04/16

Prague Chocolate was a partner of the prestigious Beauty and Golf Tour which was held from 12th to 14th May. Its participants had the opportunity to taste a delicacy made in cooperation with Prague Chocolate by Mr. Hervé Courtot, the Head Chef of the famous Japanese restaurant Nobu, Hotel Atlantis in Dubai. It was chocolate mousse made according an original recipe.

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Published 20. 5. 2016 16:48

Prague Chocolate in The Near East

Due date: 18/04/16

Not only Czechs but also many foreign clients grow fond of Prague Chocolate. Nowadays, Czech products have become very popular with fans of chocolate in Dubai. Our almonds in chocolate and Prague sugar-free chocolate rank among the most popular.

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Published 8. 2. 2016 10:23

New Manufacture in Prague

Due date: 2/04/16

At the end of the year 2015 we extended our production space. Apart from Slatinky near Brno, Prague Chocolate started the production also in Praha-Holešovice.

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Published 8. 2. 2016 10:21

Successful Year 2016

Due date: 25/01/16


For our Czech company the year 2016 was a year in the name of great changes and growth in many fields of our activity. Everything has come true not only thanks to the hard work of our chocolate team but also thanks to the cooperation and support of our partners and friends.

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Author: Denisa Nechvátalová Published 29. 12. 2016 8:24

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